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Bosny Elastic Dip B126

Elastic Dip 

Rubber Coating

  • Elastic Strippable Film
  • Won't Crack or Chip
  • Soft Feel and Firm Grip
  • Non-Slip

Bosny Elastic Dip Spray Paint is a specially fromulated paint.Once applied the film will be elastic and peelable like rubber. The  dried film gives good grip and soft feel. It will not crack like rubber. The dried film gives good grip and soft feel. It will not crack or become brittle. Can be used on various objects such as car, motorcycles, auto wheels, appliances, decals and etc. Fast Drying.

Directions of Use:
1. Surface should be clean from grease. wax and moisture,and etc.
2. Shake well before using. allow 2-3 minutes for second coat
3. Do not spray near fire or open flame,Do not store above 40 deg C.Do not puncture or incinerate can.

Tips Do not allow long break between each coat Subsequent coat should be withing 5 minutes. After 30 minutes,do not further top coat.It will result in uneven paint film.

Size: 400 cc Can

Available Colors                                        Other Colors Available Soon......
          NO. E04 Flat Black
          NO. E39 Gloss Black
          NO. E190 Gloss Clear
          NO. E191 Flat Clear
          NO. E40 White