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Bosny x Rakrakan Street Art Contest- Highlights

Fun filled event, Rak till you drop. The Street Art competition started at around 11:00 am, 3 krews competing for bragging right to this year's #Rakrakanfestival Street Art Competition. Present as Judge where Boglat of DNB , Enjoy1 and a representative from Rakrakan. It was hot but it was fun!!!!

1st place winner, and most photograph and tagged, by Hilo x Sim, Tuloy and laban kahit sa Initan!!!!
Wizo x Restok x Nap x Cregor
Team RPG
Runner Up
This one was close, Cans Up!!!

3rd place Can Ups!!!! Sirs!!!!

Cavity Collective (Rekta Pinta)

Done by Day and Night Bomber and Enjoy1, Exhibition Only.